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The Battle of the Cactus and the Lobster

by Barrel Cacti

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Wind rolling in Moon graces the sky Silence greets the night Few lights bright in the dark Fog, distortion, inaccuracy Sweat precedes anticipation Wait it out Tonight is the night Not a single soul knows That souls will be broken Maintain and sustain perfect balance Tripping the alarm is the end of us all Sneak and destroy Thieve the hidden Stealth and unveil Take that all belongs to you Its time to move Mask up move out Shoot through the night With an effortless might Infiltrate the defenses Treasure in my eyes Cannot be denied Seeking gold false claim Cannot be disgraced
Through the night By the side of the lake The water glimmers on And time seems to wait Prepare for the leap of faith Jump down to the bottom of the sea To rescue one is my resolve Time runs as I jump on Fall down Mind blank, focused on the cause Let the adrenaline Flow fast as we swim We rise towards the light The surface is nearing in Can the final resting place Be escaped with ease It was just the other day You were standing in the way Coming home from the stress The work got in your head You were feeling kind of crazy You were out of your mind The pressure that was building Just another mile high Can't take the other people They will never understand Walk out of the place Two Hundred straight paces To freedom divine Someday you'll let them know How far you have climbed Off to the side shrill and unpredictable Fire burning off a building Shooting flames into your eyes Nauseating feelings shoot Straight to the brain Stumble far back Don't see the edge too close to you Throw everything you have away Risk their life for another day Throw yourself into the fray Its the only way
Everybody at my side Everyone at my will Nobody can see the light of day Without my say Living life with such fame I can't get away As they fall away Another comes to claim their place I am the god of all things that are popular I can't be stopped by the changing of the tides Forever will I be ingrained into the minds of all Locked by a thousand chains Pulled to the ground by everyone else's pain Can't escape from those vigilant eyes Being watching from every angle all the time
Escalade 07:15
Through the rugged desert Dust whipped up in our eyes Sun beats down upon it With unrelenting intensity On the other side Lies the band that seeks to kill Throughout time they have sought our blood A passion for glory Stopped short by our opposition We fight to retain our honor Atop the ladder of great fighters They fight to take our power Standing on bones of one another Tradition of war Brings us together When part but one will be Words and weapons fly Fighting for lives, die Until from the sky Comes down a
Frictionless 05:24
We live in a friction-less world Never satisfied, changing with the tide
Watch the light by the side It feels like everything is going up This chaotic city is so high Dark enough for us to erupt Minor man whats your plan Can I buy a soul at your stand Its just a circle why do you care Blank and white no taste all Everything is so bright like a carousel Minor man whats your plan Filling gasoline with fire Tension is for the lame and weak Filling gasoline with fire You lowered your expectations mine got higher Im just sitting down but everything is moving so fast sweep the dishes wash the carpet and dust the grass Thought doesn't matter if you think and nothing happens at all Its every man for himself Ravaging everyone one in sight Take no mercy on any man Destroy the opposition When the moon goes down The fire blasts the night Every one of them Thinks they know the best Am I insane or Am I enlightened Fighting for my rights From the gods Water flooded around us Put out the fire and fight We had to work together To achieve our higher needs I'm feeling schizophrenic Can't organize my mind So many opposing believings Cloud up my time
For the longest time It was held under my control I held it close Never left it drift away Watched it round the clock Like a guard on patrol In the blink of an eye An apathetic man Snatched it away In the middle of the day It took a second guess To see what you've know Fall from your arms To lose control Is it better to feel the joy of knowing Just to have it all stripped away Or is it better to never know at all To let the joy slip away Like the weight of thousand stones crushing down Like the strings that attach ripping away Like water flowing up to drown your senses Everything that you know is gone Building it up from day one Piling stones one by one Creating structure from the ground 100 years of stepping stones Flash before the eyes What your about to see Don't act so suprised For you you've known it all the time Everyone thats gone before knows the way it ends Every single stone that you have placed Is going to be demised


The Battle of the Cactus and the Lobster is the second album recorded by Pennsylvania-based, progressive rock/metal band Barrel Cacti. After a few departures and two long years, BC has returned to deliver a powerful new record that takes the intensity of their debut album to a whole new level.


released August 20, 2014

Sean Clees - Keyboards
Matt Kerr - Lead Vocals, Saxophone
Isaac Mosebrook - Everything Else

Joshua David Hellerick Santos - Drum Recording Assistant


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Barrel Cacti Coopersburg, Pennsylvania

Barrel Cacti is a band from a state with people that play instruments. Other music by similar people can be found at:


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