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by Barrel Cacti

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Get Out 05:09
Stop You gotta fall in those traps Of youth that will collapse Onto top of mountains High above your mind She looks at you with some faith With all she can delay With logic in your White bread mind And you You look sullen dead You know what she said You understand what cannot be It's all in the past now Get up and get going now son It's not gonna wait for you Get up and get going now boy No one else thinks of you Get up and get going now boy Life’s not a waiting game You have to understand the patience Behind a burning flame Eyes blink Ears ring Her hair's upside down She said I’m done with this place We gotta get out We gotta get out Life's not good I’m know what I’m being boy I'm not the only toy The wrench that I don't know Fixing you up I’m know the pain you’re in Sympathetic grin Compromise Love's a waiting game Fading out flame
Disconnect 04:14
Ticket away please Away from here I got the money And shes got the fear What's my motive I have things to lose Light the sky The heat is enough Fall far and wide Disconnect I’m starting to Believe in myself Why can’t you believe In this Ticket away please Away from this place Claustrophobic All over the place Condescending Saving grace
Last Train 05:05
And I’m feeling bad when look at me Breaking in my skin And I’m feeling young when I sing Breaking in between While you look dead and learn to sing Breaking the chains alive Trying to learn to hide Chilling the faith in my own mind Trashing up your life Turning the corners well Failing it up inside myself Stolen nights in hell Choosing to live without your help Shaded eyes look to close I’m mortified Afraid of standing Look ahead in the darkness Beyond my reach and sanity She says why I don’t grow up She says what happened to us She says I’ve had enough What’s the problem with complete chaos I don’t wanna go down I don’t fit in I don’t wanna belong To last train to Saigon
Taking my time like a political guy Unknown faith international spy Looking right damn way you know why She said darling can you be my guy Understanding the cause can shy I don’t want to fall into the trap 7 800 in the middle of the GAO Another eleven put it all on the rack Digits spin with another sad day How can you leave when you never stayed? March forward in blindness Together never meant worse Like a saint she said Can you believe that we're nothing That there's nothing up Nothing there to save us Like the angel she is She said that there's something Something we can hold onto But it's grounded and broken Grounded and broken They'll tell you sell all sorts of dreams Good ones bad ones ones with screams Of joy and pain in rough terrain Everything’s upside down
Take Me Back 04:45
Black out Into the feeling Into the seasons Of the last gone sideways Sewed up Just like a fire Just like a mirror that tends to reflect old days Silence and bitter understanding Just watch it crumble And a raucous finish Breath of life Eternal silence on my mind And I don't want to realize your Beautiful Lies on my doorstep I can live like a mirror Reflect your mind And see the terror Here we go Rain and snow I said no But the earth said yes All the time When I was part of things When I did love you And I was innocent Take me back On greener pastures When I was young And was innocent Take me back To where life happens All the time
Velvet 05:09
Take it off my mind Look at the time Clock in my fixture Getting in the rhythm Of your half-baked promise Damning all the progress Open your rusted eyes Try on feelings for size Fall in void-less and free Water changes to steam Tear down a cheek Wake up in a dream Surpass anger inside Narcolepsy in my mind Take me away Cobble stairs Velvet breath Violet hair So cold and free A postcard scene It’s impractical To have this dream She gets the money and the loving and he backstreets He start to spin and turning inside out now I get the living and lying and barrooms I get the lounging and lazy the Greek gods Smite down and the pain for something You made up in the back of your head Your living might end up dead Take your mind and sell on the internet Take your life and sell it as a main event Take a die and toss in the ocean I just can’t believe it’s just been you Cold hits your face Drying to erase Your heart is lost
Angel in my mind Float up to summertime Burning skin Alive Marble sheets Inside Move quickly like a thousand dollar qualifier Get the feelings inside and see you later Cheap thoughts and another sullen modifer Shoot to kill and ask questions later Head hurts and I'm stuck in another situation That you heard That you saw Does it matter that the figures that you bought That you got That you want Are just another reason To forget you after another shot Lets try To be honest With each other starting with myself lets hide tonight from one another starting with yourself Preach now Preach later I don't understand how you can be that way Take a stand my friend now you have a chance to Take a fall Light goes down in mountains And I swore that I saw your face Never more Grass burning and wind and the waters So expelled What's going to be erased Pack it up and its going slowly Take your mind off everything now Serve it up and breath in gently Turn around it see it all go Fall down and understand now It all begins at you Get up from the ground in slow Turn around and see it all go


This is the fourth album from rock / metal band Barrel Cacti.

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Isaac Mosebrook


released January 18, 2018

Vocals - Matt Kerr
Drums - Eric Scott
Guitar, Bass, Keyboards - Isaac Mosebrook

Album Art - Josh Toth


all rights reserved



Barrel Cacti Coopersburg, Pennsylvania

Barrel Cacti is a band from a state with people that play instruments. Other music by similar people can be found at:


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